Why me? Why am I always the girl who has problems? Why am I the girl who gets asked “Are you okay?” or “Are you sad, depressed, or tired?” Why am I the girl who has to up with this? I don’t know how much more I can take of this I am trying so hard to make it through this hard life but it ain’t working so good at all. I don’t have a lot of people in my life well no I take that back I have a lot of people in my life but I can’t trust nor talk to half of them about my life cause they always are like “well you should be able to push it away” or “I don’t understand why you say your life is so hard” and sometimes they tell everybody they know what I have told them its so hard trusting people and finding somebody I can actually talk to that understands and try’s to help me. I refuse to go to my dad cause he is never here and my mom won’t know what to tell me, grandparents I don’t know about them. A few people I do know is my sissy, My boyfriend, and my dads stepmom other than them 3 people I don’t know who I could talk to or anything. Sometimes they can’t even help me. I believe I have a depression problem or I have something wrong with me cause I do not believe it is normal for a 15 year old girl to have a life like this with old bad habits I should have never had or been hurt so many times or feel trampled on by somebody you should feel like has trampled on you and can’t trust you. I even have somebody in my life who should tell me you can do it I believe you can and you can make it in this big ole world and your old enough to make the decisions tell me other wise. A lot that I don’t like to talk about has happened in my life by people you should be able to trust with your own life that nobody knows about. It takes a lot of guts for me to say all of this but I had to get it all out or I was going to explode hopefully this helps………


He ain’t a daddy or my daddy

I don’t understand how he thinks that he can just act like my dad when he ain’t even close to it I am soooo pissed off all he does is correct me and pick on me till I feel like sh*t and then he thinks he can tell me what to do ohh noo it don’t work that way!!!

My best “Friend”

I love my best friend to death we have known each other since the 3rd grade and its been 6 years, but now I starting to think is she a true friend or not cause stuff that has happened in the past. She took my ex boyfriends side over mine, she flirts with the guy I am still in love with who I am tryin’ to get back with now, she even tells me “I can’t believe you’re prettier than me in this picture”, and today she didn’t want to talk to anybody or have contact with anybody then at last period she was smiling and laughing I called her name and she turned and looked at then her smile and all disappeared Would you say she is a good friend??

Why I created this blog

I created this blog for a purpose not just to do it. I have a lot going on in life and I need to express myself and let it all out on here I can without anybody knowing who I am. It takes a lot of pressure off me putting it out there in the open whats going on in my life so I though why not try making a blog and doing it there so wish me luck